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Shampoo belongs to one of the best music Promotors/Marketing Experts of Newyork .
he has worked with the biggest names in the music scene and is also the president at YNVS Records. Shampoo is known as a person who continues until he has achieved the desired result

How did you roll into the music scene?
i started as a dancer for a artist out of the BRONX Name Main One The Ghetto sign to Select Records In the 90s started when I was 17 yrs old

What is your function in the music scene?
im a record Breaker I’ve been part of major Artist Ground Level Start. Artist Development Guerrilla Marketing I’m the one that starts the ground Work b4 the major label push the bottom on the artist.

What is your goal in the music scene and where do you see yourself in five years?
my goal is to one day run a whole label department you know like being part of every step of a artist career. And to get my Artist CONAN from The Bronx & my female artist Brookelynne from Brooklyn/queens Sign to a Major Label I have two distributions deals one with Empire and one with Para Music Group. But ain’t nothing like being on a Major label .

Who do you work with?
Im a independent contractor so my clients are Defjam,Epic, Eone,atlantic records,Interscope,300ent,Warner and a bunch of independent labels & name your last 100th artist:

  • Jeezy,RickRoss,Future,Naz, French Montana,Truoble,CONAN,Jadakiss,Lil kim, Cardi B,GucciMane, Meek,SHIFTA,Brookelynne,Fatjoe,NORE,Busta Rhymez,RaeShurmer ,Kanye,Desiigner Etc shit goes on an on and on lol I’m on the front LINE lol

What kind of projects can I expect from your camp?
From YNVS look out for YNVS djs Dj Smokeblack,Dj Dprizzy,Vol-p,Dj Snice , Dj KAVER,Dj Avery, Dj AntLive about to start up YNVSRADIO podcast also be on the look out for my artist @Conan42ynvs & @Missbrooke2u we working

What does an artist need to get your attention?
have a budget lol

but for real tho invest in yourself. Even the Love cost money so have something to start a conversation with
you digg..

What do you think of the music scene at the moment ?
its open for the hustlers get on your hustle no time to wait learn how to surf the NET to help your music Business.

Which upcomming artists willl change the game in the short term?
CONAN & YNVS 1st Lady BROOKELYNNE thanks for your time hit my DM if ur serious @therealshampoo_ynvs

Brooke Lynne - KEEP FLIPPIN (Prod. By Hero Gawd)

Conan - Energy god (YNVS)

Conan - Energy ft. Murda Mook (YNVS)