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K.B. “The Boss” Diamond Life Entertainment

From New York  City is the CEO of an independent recording company known as Diamond Life Ent  #DLE. Diamond Life Ent. is specialized in artist management, artist development marketing and brand development. DLE also consult artists, companies and brands with projects as a work for hire company outside of the 1’s we are affiliated with.

How did  #DLE started?

Diamond Life started when a street kid had an opportunity to do something legal when his child hood friends “Mixed Elements” got signed by the late/great Chris Lighty (R.I.P. Chris Lighty) as 1 of his 1st 2 acts along with “Fat Joe” to his record label Relativity Records b4 the name switched a few years later to Violator Records and hasn’t turned back since.

Where does the motivation of Diamond Life Entertainment come from?

Success motivates D.L.E. money doesn’t always bring happiness but succeeding and accomplishing goals that you set out for “ALWAYS” brings joy and happiness when seeing your ambition and determination pay off the financial part is a well received bonus…

Who are the leaders behind Diamond Life Entertainment?

There are a few key players behind Diamond Life that like to remain anonymous but K.B. is the General. He has led the team to countless victories and assumes most of the blame as a leader when something goes wrong.

Where should diamondlife be in 5 years?

The next 5 years should be very eventful for D.L.E. all I can say is get familiar, get involved and watch us work!!!

Which artists do you have work with and with which artists do you currently work?

We have worked with several artists throughout the years publicly and behind the scenes. Some of the artists we are working with now include South Carolina recording artist Mo Beatz, Portsmouth, Virginia artist “Bless Picasso”, California Recording Artist/Producer/Dj “Pozition (Bone Thugs N Harmony) and 1 of the artists I manage “Lil Hollywood(Cash Money Records/Rich Gang) has an artist from Columbus, Ohio name “Trap Babythat we are working with as well just to name a few.

What can we expect from your artists in the coming period?

We currently have a project in production titled “No Apologies Necessary” which is a collaborative EP produced by K.B.and In 2018/2019 we have already set the bar for ourselves to receive at least 2 plaques, 4 Billboard top 100 songs and a few award nominations

What are you looking for in an artist?

The main things we search for in artists are first and foremost “LOYALTY” after that “Ambition”, “Drive”, “Determination”, “Personality” and “Character”… Talent is a plus but talent can be developed that’s what artist development is for.

Diamondlife ent presents: Merc City